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Adaptil™ Spray


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Product Description

Adaptil™ (Formerly D.A.P®) - Dog Appeasing Pheromone (D.A.P.) reduces or prevents stress-related behavior. Female dogs secrete pheromones that comfort and reassure their nursing puppies. These "appeasement" pheromones have the same calming effect on adult dogs. D.A.P. mimics these appeasement pheromones to reduce or eliminate stress in dogs of all ages. D.A.P. Spray is indicated to help alleviate anxiety associated with travel, new environments, crate confinement or kennels, and other situations where your dog may feel uncomfortable.

Active Ingredients
Dog Appeasing Pheromone
Directions for User
D.A.P. Spray should be used 15 minutes prior to desired effects. Spray 8-10 pumps in the general area where the dog will be residing 15 minutes before the dog is introduced into the environment (car, carrier, etc.). Each animal will respond differently, but effects should last approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
Special Precautions
This product should not be directly sprayed on or near an animal's face. This product should not stain or mark. Nevertheless, owing to the wide variety of materials used in household furnishings, we advise that you test the product on a sample that is not easily visible prior to using it. D.A.P. Spray has an alcohol base and should not be sprayed near sources of ignition. D.A.P. Spray should not be sprayed onto an animal. Avoid breathing aerosol or getting spray into eyes or mouth.